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        My camera bag and a majority of my gear was STOLEN during this session 😱

        Aaron and I were on a trip up the coast of California. We were already having troubles with our rental car locking us out (ie. stranded in Big Sur for HOURS while we waited for someone to help us)

        We met Lauren at the Golden Gate Bridge 🌉 and walked down to a cove next to the water. We left a window on our car SLIGHTLY open so we still had a way to get back in… OKAYYY don’t @ me because looking back that was so stupid, but I’m not sure what we would have even done differently since we for sure were going to get locked out again if we didn’t! (TAKE ALL YOUR GEAR WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES PEOPLE.)

        While we were down there shooting, having a lovely time, some sad person came around and broke into our car and stole my camera bag and another backpack from our car. THANK THE LORD I had both of my camera bodies on me and my hard drive packed in my suitcase.

        😭I cried… a LOT. Like so much. We got back to the car after the session and searched the car over and over and went along the road looking to see if they tossed the backpack anywhere. The officer we talked to said that they often take the valuables and then toss the bag out the window. We searched so late into the night that we weren’t sure we would be able to find a place to stay that night since we were tent camping and typically you have to arrive before nightfall.

        🙌🏻CUE THE AMAZING LAUREN TAYLOR. Lauren graciously opened up her home to us and let us stay with her and her boyfriend that night at their apartment. We were able to shower and sleep indoors at an awesome apartment complex in the middle of San Francisco. We were so thankful for her generosity and hospitality!

        WAIT IT GETS BETTER. During our shoot in Yosemite with another photographer, they heard what happend to us in San Fran and found out that one of my favorite lenses was stolen. THEY GAVE ME THEIR LENS TO REPLACE MY STOLEN ONE. WHAT. 😭😭🤍🙌🏻

        If this doesn’t show you that the Lord provides for his children, I don’t know what will!

        Have you ever been robbed??? It’s literally the worst feeling ever, but praise the LORD for his faithfulness! Tell me your experience!👇🏻

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