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        Thanks for checking out my work! I'm a traveling wedding and elopement photographer based in the mid-west. I have had a camera in my hand since I was six, and before that my mom would make me Duplo lego cameras! I thrive most when I work with couples who genuinely love to adventure and want to document real life! To me, photography is more than just something to check off on your wedding day checklist. It is a way to document your first big adventure together.








        STARTS AT $3,800
        - packages ranging from 8 hours to full day
        - second shooter
        - high-res edited images
        - albums
        *does not include travel expenses*

        STARTS AT $3000
        - 8 hours of coverage
        - second shooter
        - elopement planning assistance
        - high-res edited images
        *not for traditional weddings*
        *does not include travel expenses*

        STARTS AT $350
        - 1.5 hr session
        - high-res edited images
        *Does not include travel expenses*


        Where are you located?

        My husband and I are located in a north suburb of Chicago! We love shooting in our town, but we live to travel and meet couples all around the world! Check out our travel schedule here!

        How many images can we expect?

        For weddings, you can expect 600 photos minimum. My husband and I both shoot the whole time, and select the best of our work that allows us to tell the story of your day! For elopements, you can expect 300 photos minimum, and for sessions, you can expect 150 minimum.

        Do you give out RAWs?

        Nope! RAW images are like cake without frosting – nobody wants that! Hahah – but in all seriousness, the purpose of RAW images is so they can be edited. I only deliver fully edited JPEGs because I believe that shooting is just half of the job. Editing is where I really get to be creative and help bring the photo to life so that you can enjoy a timeless image that truly tells the story of your day!

        Do you give discounts?

        I don’t! It wouldn’t be fair to my other clients if I gave you a discount. 🙁

        How do we pay you?

        I require a 50% non-refundable deposit at your time of booking. Both this deposit and the remainder of your balance can be paid through an online invoice that I will send you! Super easy and convenient for you. 🙂

        What happens if you can’t be at our wedding?

        Welp, I would have to be in the hospital or have a family emergency/death for this to happen. IF that does happen, (God forbid!) then I promise to personally find a replacement photographer for your day that I trust do the job well!

        What if we cancel or reschedule our session/wedding?

        I’m totally willing to reschedule with you provided I have the openings. If you have already booked and you need to reschedule, please remember that your deposit is non-refundable, and a new non-refundable 50% deposit will need to be paid. I know it stinks, but I promise I’m not a bad guy – I am just counting on that money to pay my bills. I had already put your date in my calendar and most likely turned down other clients.

        Will you photoshop me?

        Nope! I really believe in keeping the integrity of your day, and photoshop honestly just makes things look fake… I will however remove things like acne or scars – things that will be gone in 2 weeks!

        What should we wear?

        I gotcha covered! Once you are booked, I will send you a what to wear guide that will cover all of that! The biggest thing is that I want you to feel good and be comfortable during our session.

        How do travel fees work? Why don’t you include them into your pricing?

        I don’t include travel fees into my pricing because it’s different for every location and I don’t believe that would be fair for you! Once I have your location, I will put together a quote so you know what to expect. Your quote will includes 2-3 days of lodging, a flight, airport parking, a rental car, and food for the time I am there!

        What if your flight is delayed?

        For weddings, I always try to fly out 2-3 days in advance and sessions, I try to fly out 1 day in advance for this specifically for this reason! That way if anything happened with flights, I would at least be there the day before!!

        What if you haven’t been to the location?

        That’s what scouting is for!! I always plan to arrive early for this purpose! I want to make sure I can find that amazing place for us work some magic. 😉 If I am not able to make it there early, I will ask around and talk to other photographers that have shot there to get an idea of what to expect.