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        This wedding weekend was by far one of Aaron and my favorites of 2020.⁠

        Daniel and Jill were married during COVID in a beautiful Catholic Church up very top of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We celebrated at the most gorgeous cabin AirBnb right on a lake. It was just their immediate family and a few close friends. It wasn’t the big party they were expecting and hoping for, but it turned out to be the most amazing and intimate celebration that quickly became our favorite wedding of the year. The sunset was incredible that night! The next day, they took Aaron and I to their favorite spots in Keewenaw and we took their Day After session in the most gorgeous places that were special to them!⁠

        Reason #1 it was our favorite – we got to really connect with Daniel and Jill! During their Day After Session, we got to hang out for a few hours and talk about the Lord and life and visit their favorite spots on the Peninsula. It was like hanging out with friends that we knew our whole life.⁠
        Reason #2 it was our favorite – we found out we were pregnant right as soon as we got home! Hahah! I felt sooo sick on the plane ride back, and I also got irrationally mad at Aaron for not letting me get pizza after our Day After Session. 😅 I knew something had to be up, so we stopped and grabbed a test and it was positive!! Our little Judah babe was with us that whole weekend and we didn’t even know!⁠

        Daniel & Jill, you guys are the best, and we are SO thankful to have been a part of such a special day. We loved every second. ♥️⁠


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