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        “We’ve been in love since we were 13, but in reality, I don’t think we even understand the depths of love we will have for each other as we grow together and live together as man and wife.”


        OKAYYYYY. I’m just gonna go cry now. Literally me through their whole wedding day.

        Caleb & Michalea are Middle School sweethearts. They met each other at a youth group event when they were 13 and Michaela had the biiiiggesstt crush on Caleb. They liked each other for three years but didn’t start dating until they were 16. They eventually broke up for three years, but then something happened they didn’t expect. 

        Here’s what Michalea sent me in her inquiry form: “Three years after we broke up, I was completely transformed by the Lord. I decided to reach out to Caleb and he came to church with me and just got WRECKED by the Lord. He became a man of conviction, of vision, and was in full force advancement for the Kingdom.”

        I’m so thankful to the Lord for the transformation work he has done in Michaela and Caleb. Aaron and I now consider these two to be some of our best friends, AND we get to meet with them on a weekly basis to connect intentionally and spur each other on to do the work the Lord has for them.

        Scroll to see the sweetest collection from their wedding 🤍


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